Mapleview Transit (MT) is a local public transit operator operating in the City of Mapleview in Gravenhurst Region in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. Its headquarters is located at 122 Lily Street North in Downtown Mapleview. Its motto is Mapleview. Connected.


Overview MT is established as a public transit system solely owned and operated by the municipal government of Mapleview. MT serves the City of Mapleview and nearby townships such as Nobleton, Lacroix, and Lansing. All bus routes only serve the city during daytime and early evenings. Unlike Gravenhurst Regional Transit (GRT), there are no night service programs.

At this time, MT operates about 20 bus routes and 1 rapid transit line within the city boundaries. The system connects to GO Transit services at South Town Terminal beginning May 2009. GRT also contracted Route 50 (Dever Local) to Mapleview Transit, allowing the transit to serve the township of Dever - Dovercourt as well.

Gravenhurst Regional Transit is currently discussing merging terms with Mapleview Transit. If at all possible, the merger could be performed in January 2011 (originally the expected merger date was December 2009).

The Mapleview Transit operates two transit hubs, these include the South Town Terminal and the Leaside - North Town Terminal.

Express ProgramEdit

Main article: Mapleview Transit Express Routes

In addition to its conventional transit routes, the transit system also features an express program. There are express buses running throughout the city, and one connecting to Caledonia Multiplex Terminal. The express runs at a frequency of 30 minutes, and operate during rush hours only.

Rapid TransitEdit

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Mapleview Transit also features a rapid transit line, which is operating as a monorail, running north-south in the city of Mapleview from Leaside - North Town Terminal to South Town Terminal. The rapid transit run at a frequency of 5 - 9 minutes for 18 hours of the day.


The fare for the entire system is $1.50 for all ages. The rate is flat for all conventional routes, and all passengers.

The fare for the monorail rapid transit is $2.00 for all ages.

The fare for the 200-series express routes is $2.50 for all ages. The 100-series express routes' fare is $3.00 for all ages.

10 tickets are also available at $10.00 for all age groups. Monthly Passes are available at $75.00 for all age groups as well. Fare supplement is needed with the tickets and monthly passes when riding on the express routes (no fare supplement is required for the monorail).

Children under 3 years of age may ride free on the system.


  • Flag for Stop Program - When a MT route is operating in the Township of Lansing / Lacroix. According to the local by-law, buses are permitted to be "flagged for stop" in rural areas. The program is not available in the City of Mapleview due to by-law issues.

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