Imaginary Lands of Nicholas > Midway Special Region
Midway Special Region
AnthemThe Prideful March of the Righteous People
CapitalWoods Bay
Largest city Lakedale
Official language(s) Cantonese
Demonym Median
Government Democratic liberalism
 -  King Nicholas M. Tam the 33rd
 -  Commissioner
 -  Governor
Special Region of Lands of Nicholas 
 -  Total 1,952,331 km2 
753,799 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 6.7
 -  2015 estimate 226 700 (11th)
 -  2010 census 89,461 
 -  Density 0.12/km2 
0.3/sq mi
Currency Nich ()
Time zone Midway Standard Time (UTC+13 to +17)
 -  Summer (DST) Midway Daylight Time (UTC+14 to +18)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .mw, .iln
Calling code +709

Midway Special Region (Traditional Chinese: 中途特別地區) is a special region encompassing a large swath of south-central parts of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. Sparsely settled, Midway Special Region is a rapidly developing subdivision of the kingdom owing to its wealth in natural resources. Its capital is the planned city Woods Bay, and its largest city is Lakedale.


The special region had its name derived from the nearby Midway Atoll not far offshore from the region. Midway is also roughly equidistant from Asia and North America, as well as longitudinally halfway from Greenwich, U.K..

Midway Special Region was formerly named "Midways". The "s" was formally dropped in 1993 as the Third Kingdom was established.




The region is directly directed by the kingdom with limited autonomy. Its head of government is the Commissioner of Midway Special Region, appointed by the King and the kingdom government. The commissioner is the head of the legislative branch of the government, with the legislative body comprised of members voted by residents in the region.


Administrative DivisionsEdit

Main article: List of settlements in Midway Special Region

As population is located sporadically throughout, the special region is not formally divided into respective divisions. Hamlets, townships, towns, and cities have been incorporated across the region, which are responsible in administering local matters.

Major settlements include City of Lakedale, Town of Huddington, Midways Centre, Kenayskaya, and Woods Bay.


The region derives most of its income in natural resources product. Petroleum, ores, various minerals, forestry are all well developed industries in the region.


Intercity public transport is fairly limited, and is provided by Colossal Railways. Major settlements across the region have railway stations served by the rail transport agency.




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Major Settlements in Midway Special Region
Capital city: Woods Bay

HuddingtonKenayskayaLakedaleMidways CentreNordfjordenYork

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