Mont-Forêt, frequently anglicised as Mount Forest[1] by Gravenhurst Region residents, is a town in Concord County. The population in the 2010 Census was 1,808, a 33% drop from the population of 2,718 recorded in the Concord County 2000 Census.

Mont Forêt is a twin city of Medicine Hat. The two cities are commonly referred to as "Medicine Hat and Mount Forest" in English, and "Mont-Forêt-et-Le-Chapeau" in French. The two towns are separated by the Concord County Line and the Medicine Hat / Mont Forêt Border Control Office.

The town is home to about 2,000, about 70% of the residents identified themselves having a French origin, much like the neighbouring city of Medicine Hat. The town, as embedded in the by-law, is bilingual in French and English.

Residents in Medicine Hat often commute to Mont Forêt Industrial Park (locally known as Parc Industriel du Mont Forêt).

The town is located at a fairly remote location in Concord County. It is easily accessed from Gravenhurst Region; however, from the rest of Concord County, the locale is remote to reach. A notable example of such would be the 3 days drive from Concord County's capital, Jiefang Cheng (Concord City) to the locale.

Town FacilitiesEdit

The town has a town hall, located at Avenue Quebec.

The town does not have a source of public transit, and is served by Gravenhurst Regional Transit (contracted service) route 136 'Mount Forest'. Route 135B also makes peak hour trips to the township as well. Passengers on these bus routes are required to carry their proper identification card for border crossing purposes.

The town is also served by Mount Forest GO Station. Located on chemin Bianchi, the station is also equipped with a border control office, requiring all embarking or disembarking passengers to go through the custom process before boarding the train.


For visitors from outside both regions, Mont Forêt is often grouped under as part of Medicine Hat, even though they are in different jurisdictions.


  1. The English name does not have a legal status in Concord County.