National Meteorology Bureau of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas


April 2, 1607


190 East Point Road, Nicholas City
(Occupies part of Meteorology Tower)


1,257 plus volunteers

Annual budget

$1.31 billion USD

The National Meteorology Bureau of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas (Traditional Chinese: 大東夏國家氣象及天文台, normally abbreviated as 天文台 by the media), abbreviation in English NMBILN (pronounced as "Nimbin" by most media) is a department directly under the administration of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas kingdom government. Established in 1607, it is one of the oldest weather forecasting agency in the world. The Bureau observes meteorological conditions, makes weather forecasts, and issues weather warnings and alerts across the entire Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. Though an unofficial agency, it also issues forecasts, warnings and watches for the nearby sovereign state of Lovia.

Its headquarters is located in the 72-story Meteorology Tower in Nicholas City.

It also monitors and makes assessments on radiation levels in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas and provides other meteorological and geophysical services to meet the needs of the public and the shipping, aviation, industrial and engineering sectors.

Although some of the autonomous countries within the Kingdom of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas have their own meteorological agencies, such as the National Weather Service (NWS) for the City of Watersauga. They are only responsible for local observations and short-term forecasts. All national weather observations, forecasts, warnings and watches are administered by NMBILN. The Constitution of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas only recognizes NMBILN as the only legal agency to issue weather warnings to the public.

NMBILN currently employs 1 257 staff, for administration, forecasting, and weather observations across the kingdom. The NMBILN also operates 258 radar stations across the territory, and 9,281 weather stations across the kingdom (with volunteers taking observations, not counting in the staff count).

The NMBILN Typhoon Centre, a subsidiary of the department, makes forecasts and warnings for potential tropical cyclone impacts across the territory and its immediate waters.

The NMBILN establishes a friendly network and joint forecasting effort across the vast and sparsely-populated kingdom with the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) and Environment Canada.

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