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Neville Centre (Traditional Chinese: 納威), also formerly known as Neville Park, or simply as Neville, formerly Newville, is a borough in the City of Royal Plains of the Free State of Torbury. It was formerly an independent town prior to amalgamating with other towns under the Municipal Reorganization Act of Torbury in 2009 to form the new city of Royal Plains. The population in the area was 900 upon merger, the smallest of all boroughs.

It is bounded by the northern Royal Plains Townline to the north, maglev rails to the east, Danforth Avenue to the south, and the western Royal Plains Townline to the west.

Formerly a suburb of Royal Plains, the town began as a logging camp in a clearing in the 1850s, among the nearby Walton. The settlement was generally smaller than that of Walton, and was later abandoned in the 1940s when commercial logging was severely restricted in the Free State of Torbury.

The town was resettled in 1976 with an increasing need of housing in the Royal Plains area. Growth was further propelled with the establishment of the Neville Paper Mill (which is still in operation) in 1981. The nearby industrial park along London Line, a former logging road connecting Neville Centre to Royal Plains, provided job sources for the town. In 2008, in response to the congested London Line and conventional transit running at full capacity, London Line was expanded to 4-lanes, and the speedBus London Line was implemented.

In 2009, the town merged into Royal Plains, and officially changed name from the Town of Neville Park to the Borough of Neville Centre. Ongoing condo developments are bringing more population to the area.



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