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Old Watersauga
沙環 (Chinese)
—  City  —
Kingdom Wiki Nicholasland
Autonomous Country Watersauga
Corridor Hurontario
Queen Elizabeth
 - City 14.1 km²
 - Water 4.6 km²
 - Total 381,078
 Density 27,026.8/km2 (69,999.1/sq mi)

Old Watersauga (Traditional Chinese: 沙環; French: Vieux-Watersauga; June 2015 population 381,078) is the largest city of Watersauga and the third largest city in Nicholasland, situated at the mouth of the Dawson River at the Pacific Ocean. As the fifth most dense city in the world, the city is noted with its impressive skyline and high population density.

As the centre of the metropolitan area home to over 700,000, constituting half of the population in the province, the city is a vibrant economic and cultural centre of the entire province of Watersauga, and to an extent, of south-central Nicholasland.

Settlements began initially in the 1500s by the indigenous population moving on-shore from the nearby Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago. The British landed in the area in the 1708, and annexed the area as one of its dominion. Owing to its geographic features, the settlement quickly grew into a busy trading port facilitating trades between the United Kingdom and Nicholasland. After the return of Watersauga to Nicholasland in 1867, the city continued to grow into an important manufacturing centre, and later as a financial, business services, and economic centre of the kingdom.






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Old Watersauga is noted for its implementation of Smart Growth mode of development since the 1990s, enabling high density and public transport-oriented developments to flourish across the city.


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Old Watersauga is noted for its grid road system, commonly seen in North American cities and in other parts of Nicholasland. Traditionally, developments centre along the north-south Watersauga Route 10 (Hurontario St) and the east-west Queen Elizabeth Way.

The Old Watersauga—Randolph-Rebecca Link is a major civil engineering project in the 1960s, and now facilitates as an important travel corridor to the east side of the city.


Old Watersauga is home to the main campus of the province-wide University of Watersauga (UWS), situated on the man-made University Island.


Sister citiesEdit

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Municipalities in the Province of Watersauga
Capital city: Ottawa - Gatineau

(1) - Hurontario Corridor

Tsang-Mo-Um-ShaOld WatersaugaRexdaleCommercium Bay SouthMacKenzie RidgesCarrvilleElgin Mills

(2) - Queen Elizabeth Corridor

Oakville NorthOakville SouthTrafalgar VillageRandolph - RebeccaLand LinkBreakwaterOld WatersaugaAngus GlenRichmond Hill SouthRichmond Hill NorthCaroline MountainsPort CreditDixie SouthPortas do Cerco

(3) - Dawson River Valley Corridor

ChelseaSainte-VirginieAylmerStittsvilleOttawa - GatineauKingstonElgin MillsTestonNobletonKing CityEast King City

(4) - Prairies Corridor

Port Credit SouthCredit BayPort CreditPort-Crédit-sur-la-PrairieLloydminsterWinston ChurchillPerthNepéanOttawa - GatineauPontiacOrléansMontagne de Laurier

(5) - Trafalgar Corridor

Randolph - RebeccaNortheast MackyHokoeTrafalgar NorthKing City

(6) - Royal Watersauga Crown Colony

Port RunKu Sze Yiu Bay

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