Overlea County Transit (OCT) was a local transit operator based in the former Overlea County in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. The transit system served the local population of 5,000. When Overlea County dissolved into Gravenhurst Region in 2007, the transit system was taken over by Gravenhurst Regional Transit (GRT), as its service area was inside of GRT's service zone.


Overlea County includes the present-day Town of Overlea, Garneau, Marcville, and Harrison. Overlea County, prior to amalgamation in 2007, had a population of about 5,000. Prior to amalgamation, the transit system had 6 bus routes, 1 being a contracted service to Gravenhurst Regional Transit.

OCT was created in 1988, based in the county seat of Overlea, and was designed to better connect between the rural communities and the urban centres of the county. OCT started out with 2 base routes, one in Garneau, the other in Harrison. Throughout the years, the fleet size grew and the number of routes grew to 6.

In 2000, when Lydia required another bus link (aside from Borden), GRT decided to create a new route (now GRT route 27) into Lydia through Highway 2. By this means, the bus link will cut through the heart of Overlea County's service zone. OCT was given the option whether to allow GRT to service Overlea County through contracting service, or GRT could skip all the local stops in Overlea County. After several rounds of negotiation, the route was given permission to "invade" OCT's grounds.

On September 1, 2007, OCT assimilated into the GRT system. GRT also restructured OCT's route, upgrading several services, and combining some routes. The service area did not change, but routes are re-numbered (with a prefix of 14x), and some are cancelled, and are replaced by others.

List of Service routesEdit

These are the service routes as of August 2007, before the system's amalgamation with GRT.

Route Number Equivalent Current GRT Route Route Name Termini Service Type
County Centre Line
Garneau Railway Station Far Settlement Way Full, 7-day Service; Base Route
Garneau Local
Danforth Line
Garneau Line 1 Marcville Township Hall Peak Hours Service; Base Route
Overlea Local
Overlea County Hall Highway 2 Peak Hours Service; Local Route
Harrison Local
Queensland Community Centre Harrison Railway Station Full, 7 Day Service; Base Route
Wah-On Industrial Park
Harrison Local
Queensland Community Centre Overlea North Railway Station Peak Hours Service; Local Route
Archemedes - Lydia Link
Archemedes The Great International Airport Lydia Centre Terminal Full, 7 Day Service; Linkage Route
Contracted to GRT.

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