Not to be confused with mail parcels, which are packages to be delivered via postal services.

A parcel (Traditional Chinese: 裹) is a measurement unit as maintained by Measurements Imaginary (MI), a federal department for measurement units used in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. A parcel is unique in the kingdom, and corresponds to roughly 100 km². The exact area of a parcel is actually 99.1314 km², due to surveying and computation errors when the unit was created and documented in 1719. It was suspected this error was due to miscommunication between locals and British mathematicians. It is not clear whether why such unit is named as "parcel", and that this unit is not designated elsewhere in the world, despite the name came from the Western European Colonial Powers (WECP).

A Standard Parcel is a square area of 10 km by 10 km.

By constitution, a standard municipality, or the lowest block of administrative division of the kingdom, has a default size of a parcel. Through political reasons, geographic limitations, etc., very few municipalities today have a size of parcels. In Gravenhurst Region, no municipalities are in a parcel size as of 2012, despite the definition of area for the region is "182 parcels of land northwest of Lake Haldimond."

In Periodic Region, most inland and uninhabited municipalities retain their parcel sizes, one of the very few autonomous countries in the kingdom keeping the tradition.

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