Peace River Expressway
Autoroute de la Rivière-de-la-Paix
Maintained by Lisi Roads
Length: 19.2 km (12 mi)
Formed: 1974
North end: Lisi - Wellington Townline - Wellington
Hwy 506 Hwy 506Lisi

RegRd 405 Yamayo LineWellington

South end: Gravenhurst Regional Road 149 (Airborn Avenue)
Autonomous Country: Gravenhurst
Major cities: Lisi

Peace River Expressway (Traditional Chinese: 和平河高速公路; French: Autoroute de la Rivière-de-la-Paix), often abbreviated as PRE, is a major 6-lane, municipally funded section of Highway 510 in the City of Lisi. The highway stretches about 19.2 km for its entire length, generally running alongside Peace River, thus earning its name. Though a section of about 8 km straddles on the boundary between Lisi and Wellington, the highway is still funded by the municipal government of Lisi.

The highway mainly serves as a major means for residents of Lisi and Wellington to commute between their workplace and their residences.


In December 2009, with the extension of the highway to Lisi - Wellington Townline, all southbound exit numbers are being re-numbered.

Future ProspectsEdit

The highway will be connected with the proposed Highway 510, which is to be maintained by the region.

Lane ConfigurationEdit

From south to north:

Section Travel lanes and description Speed Limit (km/h)
Airborn Avenue to Gravenhurst Regional Road 47 (Lakeshore Boulevard) 3 lanes in each direction, expressway 90
Lakeshroe Boulevard to Baudelaire Avenue 4 lanes in each direction, expressway 100
Baudelaire Avenue to Gravenhurst Regional Road 88 (Oxford Avenue) 2 lanes in each direction, expressway 100
Oxford Avenue to Gravenhurst Regional Road 405 (Yamayo Line) 3 lanes in each direction, expressway 90
Yamayo Line to Lisi - Wellington Townline 2 lanes in each direction, expressway 90


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Public TransitEdit

General MotoristsEdit

Exit NumbersEdit

From south to north:

Exit Number (Northbound) Exit Number (Southbound) Destination Serving
Peace River Expressway Begins - Connects with Highway 510
1 14 Gravenhurst Regional Road 149 (Airborn Avenue) Airborn
2 N/A Seaport Road
Dividend Road
Lisi South Seaport
Seaport GO Station
3 13 Gravenhurst Regional Road 47 (Lake Shore Blvd.) Lisi North Seaport
4 12 Gravenhurst Regional Road 73 (The Causeway)
City Centre Road
Downtown Lisi
5 11 Hwy 506 Highway 506 Archemedes
Pickering County
N/A 10 Gravenhurst Regional Road 15 (Taylor Hill Av. W) Chretien Village
Historical Williamson
6 9 Gravenhurst Regional Road 211 (St. Justin Avenue) Saint Justin
7 8 Gravenhurst Regional Road 614 (Baudelaire Av. E) Kirkland
Baudelaire Hill
8 (Proposed) 7 (Proposed) Gravenhurst Regional Road 791 (Jean Brebeuf Av.)
9 (Proposed) 6 (Proposed) Goeland Boulevard
10 5 Gravenhurst Regional Road 88 (Oxford St. E) Serondonio
N/A 4 Front Street Lexford
11 3 RegRd 405 Gravenhurst Regional Road 405 (Yamayo St. W) Centre Wellington
12 (Proposed) N/A The Lisi By-Pass Fontclare
13 2 Gravenhurst Regional Road 71 (Centre Wellington Pkwy.) Centre Wellington
14 1 Lisi - Wellington Townline
Peace River Expressway Ends
Connects with Highway 510
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