Pear Island Regional Park
Castle Island Archipelago Regional Park
IUCN Category III (Natural Monument)
LocationGravenhurst Region, Imaginary Lands of Nicholas
Nearest cityManchot, Gravenhurst
Area5.1 km² (land), 159.6 km² (water)
164.7 km² (Total)
EstablishedJanuary 6, 1952
Visitors151,206 (in Nov 2010 - 2011)
Governing bodyGravenhurst Regional Park Committee (GRPC)
World Heritage SiteNo

Pear Island Regional Park (Traditional Chinese: 雪梨島區域公園; French: Parc régionale de l'île Pear) is a small regional park located on Lake Haldimond, and encompasses the Castle Island Archipelago, as well as various other islands on the lake, including Pear Island. Juridically, the regional park is a part of the Town of Manchot in Gravenhurst Region. The park is managed by the Gravenhurst Regional Park Committee (GRPC).

The park covers a total land area of 5.1 km², making it one of the smallest parks (in terms of land area) in the region, but includes 159.6 km² of water area, protected as a marine reserve.

The park opened on 6 January 1952 after the Pear Island territorial dispute has been settled, and all the islands have since then been under Gravenhurst Region's jurisdiction.

The park's islands features a swampy area rich in wildlife, for both amphibians and reptiles found only in the region. The park's islands are also an important stopover location for migratory birds during migration seasons, attracting many bird watchers and other visitors.

The park's entrance, information and visitor centre/lounge is located on Pear Island, and can be accessed via a ferry service from Mainland Village.


Formerly including only Pear Island and its immediate waters, the park subsequently named as "Pear Island Regional Park". Ever since the park expanded to include other islands on Lake Haldimond in 2005, it has been proposed to rename the park to Castle Island Archipelago Regional Park. However, no renaming action has been taken since.

Gravenhurst Regional Park Commission (GRPC) Facilities
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