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Pickering County
Comté du Puy-qui-Règne (French)
AnthemThe Prideful March of the Righteous People
Largest largest city Muiléh
Official language(s) Cantonese
Demonym Pois(e) (French)
 -  King Nicholas M. Tam the 33rd
 -  Prime Minister
 -  Governor
Autonomous country of Lands of Nicholas 
 -  Total 26,157 km2 
10,099 sq mi 
 -  Water (%) 16.5
 -  2015 estimate 51,000 (11th)
 -  2010 census 46,152 
 -  Density 1.76/km2 
4.6/sq mi
Currency Nich ()
Time zone Pickering Standard Time (UTC+12)
 -  Summer (DST) Pickering Daylight Time (UTC+13)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .pqr, .pg
Calling code +151

Pickering County (Traditional Chinese: 麗碧縣; French: Comté du Puy-qui-Règne) is an autonomous country in north-central Imaginary Lands of Nicholas. Pickering County was an integral part of the French colony La Pacifique Concorde, and today Pickering County is largely French-speaking.


The area was first named as Lai Pik Lake (麗碧湖, lit. Beautiful Green Lake) for the nearby Lake Haldimond by the indigenous Cantonese people.

As the area was conquered by the French in late-16th century, the French had included the area as part of its colony of La Pacifique Concorde. The area became a department in the colony, and the department was named as "Puy-qui-Règne", meaning the Puy who Reigns the region. In 16th to 17th century, puy is a Catholic society to patronise music and poetry. The department is then dedicated to the puys of the colony.

As the British forces attempt to penetrate the area in the 18th century (War of Rainwater, 1793) through a series of conquests under the command of General Phillip Pickering, the British were able to capture territories west of Lake Haldimond (the Lisi area which is now under Gravenhurst Region's jurisdiction). To commemorate this victory, the British had named the area Pickering County.

The name Pickering County was at first not recognized by the French. As the French colony collapsed and the Second Kingdom of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas came into power, the English name became the de facto official name of the county.


Main article: Territorial Dispute of Gravenhurst and Pickering

The conquest of the British into the French territory in late 18th century was the cause of territorial dispute between the largely English-speaking Gravenhurst Region and the French-speaking county in the 20th century. The King had officially announced the end of the dispute.




Administrative DivisionsEdit

Main article: List of municipalities in Pickering County

Since Pickering County is sparsely populated, there are only nine incorporated municipal bodies in the county, acting as administrative subdivisions of the county. The remaining portions are primarily wildnerness, under the direct jurisdiction of the county as Territoire inorganisée du Puy-qui-Règne.


Agricultural industries exists sporadically close to the border with Gravenhurst Region, such as in Towns of Rainwater, Parisvale, and Lieu Charleton, and also along the shores of Lake Haldimond. Forestry is also one of the largest industry in the county.

Muiléh is by far the largest economical centre of the county, which heavily relies on the shipping and manufacturing industries.


Pickering maintains a couple of at-grade highways across the populated parts of the county.




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