Port Run Colonial Highways Network consists of all at-grade highways and expressways in the Royal Watersauga crown colony of Port Run. The network provides critical access between major settlements in the 256-km² colony. The network of roads are maintained jointly Roads Watersauga and Port Run Transportations Department (TD).

As of 2015, Port Run manages 301.5 km of highways. Highways are classified as colonial highways (CH), with single-digit numbered CH being an at-grade highway, and those numbered with three digits are expressways.

Highway ClassesEdit

At-Grade HighwaysEdit

Colonial Highway Sign

A sample signage of Colonial Highway 3.

There are currently seven colonial highways spanning across the colony, and the highway network keeps expanding as population grows. These colonial highways connect different parts of the colony and different principalities together. These colonial highways are generally two-laned, paved, and both directions. The highways are designated with numbers from 1 to 99 are reserved for at-grade highways. However, as of 2015, the numbers in use only range from 1 to 8. These highways provide basic access to major towns in the colony, as well as facilitating cross-boundary travel into the neighbouring Cosmoplay Region. All highways has a prefix of "CH", which stands for "Colonial Highway".


Beginning September 1, 2012, colonial highways with a prefix 10x is designated for expressway bypasses for existing at-grade highways, correspondingly numbered with one-digit x.

Numbers from 100 to 999 are reserved for expressways. The numbers in use range from 101 to 106. These expressways are built as a bypass and an express to existing at-grade highways, and are numbered accordingly (usually by adding 100 to the number) to reflect the at-grade highway that it is replacing.

There are a number of expressways being planned to replace existing at-grade highways.

List of highwaysEdit

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