Not to be confused with the current day Concelho of Portas do Cerco in the City of Watersauga.
Portas do Cerco 1611

Estrada Costa (now Windsor Avenue) of Portas do Cerco in 1611.

Portas do Cerco (lit. the door of a city, Traditional Chinese: 關閘) is a former municipality that is located on the east side of Lake Appleby. Through two mergers, Portas do Cerco is now a community within the Borough of Appleby, a part of the City of Royal Plains in the Free State of Torbury.


First settled by the Portugese in the 1570s, the community is usually considered as the landing site by the Portuguese explorers and the very first community of Portugese colonization.

In 1953, the municipality is merged with Appleby. Until this day, the community has a large concentration of Portuguese population.

Portas do Cerco shares the same name with the neighbouring township in the City of Watersauga. Until now, it still serves as a major border gateway to the City of Watersauga. Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) of Watersauga crosses the border and enters into Portas do Cerco, which becomes Highway 2.

Today, many of the historic buildings still retained its respective Portugese name.


  • Posto Fronteiriço das Portas do Cerco (border crossing)
  • Terminal de ônibus de Appleby (Appleby Centre Terminal, an important cross-border transportation hub)

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