Língua portuguesa

Official status

(Not official in kingdom)

Distribution of speakers

(2010 est.)

  • Native: 6 100 (0.1%)
  • L1 + L2: 11 200 (0.2%)

Rank in ILN


Language family

Indo-European (Western Romance)

Writing system

Latin (Portuguese)

Regulated by


Portuguese (Português or língua portuguesa) is a Romance language, mainly spoken in Portugal and its colonies. In the European Discovery of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas and the colonization of the kingdom, Portuguese had once established a colony of Sossegado in what-is-now Portas do Cerco. The inhabitants in the area mostly came from Portugal and speaks Portuguese natively.

Today, some of the Portuguese population who had once settled in Portas do Cerco had moved to different regions of the kingdom, though the town continues to be a hub of the language. Because of the limited population who speak Portuguese in the kingdom, the native Portuguese speakers normally speak another language, albeit regionally-recognized or an official language, according to a recent census.

An estimated 3,000 to 6,000 people speak the language natively in the kingdom (0.04% - 0.08% of the total population), with an additional 7,000 to 10,000 people who have some knowledge of the language.


Portuguese is not an official language in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas, nor is it a regionally-recognized language. It is being classified as an "unrecognized language", and thus therefore have no regulating agencies. There are also limited education of the language in the kingdom, mostly provided through the private sector. The language is being considered as "endangered" in the kingdom, and it is a particular concern by the native speakers in the kingdom.

Portuguese has been named the "town's language" (Portuguese: linguagem cidade) of Portas do Cerco in the City of Watersauga (with no official or legal power, just an honorary title), in respect to the large Portuguese-speaking population and commemoration that the town was formerly a prosperous Portuguese Colonial Port.

Places with a significant Portuguese populationEdit

There are also sporadic Portuguese speakers in major cities and metropolitan areas across the kingdom.

Languages in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas

Official writing systems: Traditional ChineseEnglish

Official Languages
(mandated in all autonomous countries)

Cantonese standardcreole (63%) • English (22%)

Regional Languages
(mandated in some autonomous countries)

French (8%) • Japanese (3%) • Putonghua (3%) • Arabic (< 1%) • Esperanto (< 1%) • Russian (< 1%) • Uyghur (< 1%)

Unrecognized Languages
(not official, but with significant number of speakers)

Korean (< 1%) • Portuguese (< 1%) • Spanish (< 1%) • Vietnamese (< 1%) • Dutch (< 1%)

Percentages in brackets denote the total number of mother tongues (2010 est.) of the specified language.

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