Rayleighsburg Old Bridge (Traditional Chinese: 華麗堡舊橋), locally known simply as the Covered Bridge, is a covered bridge spanning across the Cosmoplay River in Central Port Run. Spanning 507 m, the bridge links the principalities of South State and Rayleighsburg. It is the only covered bridge remaining in the territory.


Built in 1849, the covered bridge is built to serve as an alternative to the current Colonial Highway 1, to link the then-new town of South State and the old French colony of Jonquière. The covered bridge was originally known as the Rayleighsburg Bridge. In the 1900s, the covered bridge was signed as a part of Colonial Highway 4 (CH4). As both sides of the river grew and population skyrocketed, the traffic substantially increased as well. The covered bridge was deemed to not able to handle all the traffic.

In February 1957, river ice, combined with heavy traffic on the bridge, causing part of the bridge to collapse into the river. 3 cars and trucks were involved in the incident causing 6 deaths and 1 injury. This had prompted the colonial government to ban heavy traffic over 3 tonnes to use the covered bridge, and the bridge had also received upgrades in the subsequent year. This included reinforcing the bridge with concrete. A car ferry was implemented to further divert traffic.

In 2006, in the eve of the conceiving the territory's first new town, Lin Heung Wai, a new bridge was deemed imminent to replace the covered bridge. The new Lin Tong Bridge began constructions in 2006, and completed by early-2009. Lin Tong Bridge replaced the covered bridge's function as a major traffic link and signed as CH4. It is located just immediately south of the covered bridge. With the opening of the Lin Tong Bridge, the covered bridge was renamed to the Rayleighsburg Old Bridge.

Today, the bridge serves as a tourist attraction with a fairly low traffic volume. The bridge has been declared a Watersauga Regional Grade 3 Historic Building and Structures. Locals of Rayleighsburg is applying to promote the bridge to a Grade 2 Historic Building and a kingdom-wide historic building.

Nearby BridgesEdit

Upstream (South)
Lin Tong Bridge
Colonial Highway 4
Rayleighsburg Old Bridge
Over the Cosmoplay River
Downstream (North)
Pik Lam Bridge
Colonial Highway 4

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