Renmin Wenzi Yuyan Gongzuo Committee


1 October 2012

Subdivision of

Xiehe Autonomous Region
JiaoYu Bu (Education Dept.)


65 RenMin Nan Lu, Jiefang Cheng

Renmin Wenzi Yuyan Gongzuo Committee (lit. Language Works Committee of the People, Traditional Chinese: 人民文字語言工作委員會; Simplified Chinese: 人民文字语言工作委员会) is a committee advocating for the use of Simplified Chinese and the Putonghua language. Based in Xiehe Autonomous Region, it is a subdivision of the local JiaoYu Bu (education department, 教育部).

The committee was established in October 2012, following the succession of the autonomous region from Concord County. One of the major result of the committee was to unlist French as an official language of the autonomous region, effective 1 January 2013. The committee also regulates the use of Putonghua in the region. The committee communicates with a similar agency in Mainland China on a regular basis to further promote Putonghua.


It has been revealed by some of the pro-Kingdom media that the committee is linked to the Chinese Community Party, which has led to numerous criticism and resentment from the entire kingdom. Pro-Kingdom ideologists believe the committee should not be allowed to operate in the kingdom to prevent communism from entering the kingdom.

The Imaginary Lands of Nicholas Office of the Official Languages (ILNOOL) has publicly criticised the agency for over-promoting Putonghua, a regional language, and threatening the usage of Kingdom-wide official languages (Cantonese and English). In January 2015, the ILNOOL has ruled that the committee must operate within the framework set by the ILNOOL, such that the prominence of Putonghua in Xiehe Autonomous Region must not be greater than that of Cantonese and English combined. A similar ruling applies for the promotion of Simplified Chinese must not be as prominent as Traditional Chinese.

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