Seneca (Traditional Chinese: 史力加) is the primary community in Archemedes's north-central area, in the quarter of North Archemedes. Seneca does not have a legally defined boundary, but is thought to be roughly bounded by Eden Avenue to the south, McCallister Avenue to the east, River Parkway to the west, and the proposed Highway 507 to the north.

Due to its proximity to Downtown Archemedes, and its strategic location on the proposed mid-Gravenhurst corridor (Highway 507), the community is under a large-scale development and expansion project. The project debuted in 2008. Prior to this, Seneca was primarily a rural community. With several high density housing developments nearing completion along Highway 2 (Main St. N.), the community's population is estimated to be 15,300 as of mid-2015.


Quarters and Neighbourhoods of the City of Archemedes

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