Shing Mun speedStation

Station Type

Double Platform


Royal Plains, Torbury

Operating Lines

speedBUS Central Line

Next Northbound Station

Ho Kwun Valley

Next Southbound Station


HTC Connections

No connections

Multi-Ride Machines



2 April 2007


31 December 2014

Shing Mun speedStation (Traditional Chinese: 城門捷運站) was a rapid transit station serving speedBus Central Line in the City of Royal Plains in the Free State of Torbury. The stop was located at the intersection of Central Avenue and Mallichester Line. The stop has no connections to other HTC services. The area it served has a relatively low population density. This led to its closure on 31 December 2014, a subsequent result of a decision made by the HTC to transfer the stop's ridership to the local routes.

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