Skybreaker is a community that straddles along the border of Donsley and Airborn - Oppel. The centre of the community is located at the intersection of Highway 1 and Line 40 (Cayuga Line).

Community FacilityEdit

There is a community centre located at 221238 Highway 1, namely the Skybreaker Community Centre. However, the community centre is located within the Town of Donsley, and is hosted by the Town of Donsley. Residents that are from the other side of the border of the community must pay an admission fare upon using the service provided by the community centre. This had led to many objections from the local residents.

In 2009, due to many fatal pedestrian accidents on Highway 1 from residents trying to cross the road to reach the community centre, a footbridge has been constructed to link the community centre to the other side of the highway.

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