Imaginary Lands of Nicholas > Regional Municipality of Gravenhurst > Brock Census Metropolitan Area > Brock, Gravenhurst > St. Martina Village, Gravenhurst

St. Martina Village is a community and a housing development in Brock City of Gravenhurst Region. The community is situated north of the Brock ByPass, west of Highway 7 (Pacific Coastal Highway), and serves as a bedroom community in Brock City. The predominantly residential development has mixed use medium-density housing developments around St. Martina's Parkway, the backbone road in the community. The community takes on a medieval European style of architecture. Residential developments as of 2012 are concentrated south of St. Martina's Parkway, but new housing developments are planned and began constructions north of the parkway.

Several public transit routes, including urban and rural routes, operated by Brock City Transit (BCT) runs in the community.

Brock City's largest shopping centre, Brock Shopping Centre is located immediately southeast of the community.

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