Television Broadcasts Limited


Hong Kong-based privatised Television Network


Television broadcasting


HKG Hong Kong:
19 November 1967
Wiki Nicholasland:
20 December 1993


HKG Hong Kong:
77 Chun Choi St., Tseung Kwan O
Wiki Nicholasland:
216 Shaw Dr., Nicholas City

Number of Employees (ILN)

29 (2011)

Revenue (2013)

₦ 92.1 million

Television Broadcasts Limited (Imaginary Lands of Nicholas division), commonly abbreviated into TVBILN, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based television station Televisions Broadcasts Limited. It currently broadcasts over channels 21 to 28 in all administrative divisions of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas.

Most of the content aired on the channel originate from Hong Kong. The paid "on-demand" channel features a full live broadcast (factoring in the time zone difference) of the TVB Jade channel in Hong Kong.


In 1990, when the Third Kingdom of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas is about to be created, there are talks of creating a new television channel in addition to the existing channels wholly owned by Crazy Television Broadcasts Limited. This is done so to create a better variety of programmes and to break the current monopoly in the television industry. The Imaginary Lands of Nicholas National Transitional Government passed the bill to create another set of television channels, owned by another company, and open for bidding in May 1992. In June 1992, the Hong Kong-based television company won the bidding.

The Television Broadcasts Limited opened its first channel broadcasting to the entire kingdom beginning 1 January 1993, and has since expanded to 8 channels.

As mandated when issuing licensing the television station, TVBILN must provide 60% of contents made in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas among all its 8 channels; with at least 4 channels with 100% local content.


  • Channel 21: Local Jade Channel(本地翡翠台)- Features television shows made within the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas; broadcasted in Cantonese. During prime time, the channel airs 3 dramas, usually 2 of which are "synced" with Hong Kong, and the other one being a re-run of previous dramas.
  • Channel 22: Local Pearl Channel(本地明珠台)- Features television shows made within the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas; broadcasted in English.
  • Channel 23: Interactive News Channel(互動新聞台)- Features news broadcasts 24 hours, including live broadcasts of news in Hong Kong's TVB channels.
  • Channel 24: Youth Channel(青年台)- Features shows geared for a younger audience
  • Channel 25: Multicultural Channel(多元文化台)- Features television shows broadcasted in regional languages (primarily Japanese, French, and Mandarin, but does feature other languages)
  • Channel 26: High Definition Channel(高清台)- Features television shows broadcasted in high definition. Show contents primarily from Channels 21 and 28, thus aired in Cantonese.
  • Channel 27: Pearl Channel Live(香港明珠台)- Features live broadcasts from Hong Kong's English channel - Pearl Channel.
  • Channel 28: Jade Channel Live(香港翡翠台)- Features live broadcasts from Hong Kong's Jade Channel.


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