The conquest of the British into the French territory in late 18th century was the cause of territorial dispute between the largely English-speaking Gravenhurst Region and the French-speaking Pickering County in the 20th century. The King had officially drawn the demarcation line in 1951, under the supervision of the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas National Transitional Council, ultimately ending the dispute.

Under the King's rule, the demarcation line was to be along the Rainwater Creek from its headwaters, south to the middle of Lake Rainwater, then along Lisi Creek. The City of Lisi, along with the English-speaking community of Bruce and the French-speaking community of Flanders all fall into Gravenhurst Region's jurisdiction.

Conversely, the English-speaking Town of Rainwater and the bilingual community of Parisvale remains to be under Pickering's jurisdiction.

Pear Island and the Castle Island Archipelago was also contested prior to 1951. In the King's rulings, all islands were to be under Gravenhurst's jurisdictions. Upon this decision, the Gravenhurst government has established the Pear Island Regional Park on 6 January 1952 over its rightful territory.

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Disputed Territories in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas
Port Run - Administered by the City of Watersauga, claimed by the Region of Cosmoplay

Bou Diu Leh / Ku Sze Yiu Bay - Administered by the Region of Cosmoplay, claimed by the City of Watersauga

Hokoe - Administered by the Region of Cosmoplay, claimed by the City of Watersauga

Qeshqer - Administered by the Torbury Free State, claimed by the Otto East Turkestan Empire

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