Thoughts of Love (Traditional Chinese: 正有此意) is a sitcom produced by Crazy Television Broadcasts Limited, airing in the Imaginary Lands of Nicholas beginning 31 December 2012, taking over the previous sitcom Much Ado About Love.


In late-2013, due to budget cuts, the series became the only series in production and airing during prime time.

On 27 September 2014, due to the Hong Kong protests, the time slot of the drama was replaced by news report, to cover the newest situation on the protests. As there is no end of the protest in sight, in mid-October, the company announced that the series will be suspended indefinitely. On 18 November, the director of the series announced that the series will air 5 episodes more after the protests are finished, and the entire sitcom will end by then. The creative director of the television company announced that another sitcom is in the works to replace "Thoughts of Love".

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