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East L-A.jpg
Thulium's shoreline
Kingdom Wiki Nicholasland
Country Periodic Table
State Metal
Oblast Lanthanide
 - Town 99.1 km²
 - Land 61.4 km²
 - Water 37.7 km²
Population (2015)
 - Total 11
 Density 0.1/km2 (0.3/sq mi)
Time zone Periodic Table Standard (UTC+12)
 - Summer (DST) Periodic Table Daylight (UTC+13)
Administration Code 069

Thulium (2015 population 11; Traditional Chinese: 銩; Russian: тулий) is a town on eastern Lanthanide - Actinide Island in the oblast of Lanthanide. It is a part of the Metal State in southeastern Periodic Table Region. Thulium is locally known as East Lanthanide-Actinide, as it is situated on the east side of the island, and opposed to West Lanthanide-Actinide on the other side of the island. Thulium is assigned an administrative code of 069.

Thulium is the largest single municipality on the island, and one of the few locations where radiation levels are acceptable. The few structures of Thulium are built on the clay, at the mouth of Thulium River, where the river empties into Lake Kerkonian. Local residents are mainly miners of the local rare earth metals.

Thulium is highly inaccessible on the island. It is serviced by Lanthanide Road, a gravel highway that connects the town to West Lanthanide-Actinide.

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