Trillium Redevelopment Project (Traditional Chinese: 延齡重建項目) is a redevelopment project in the northeastern parts of the City of Old Watersauga, Watersauga in the City-State of Watersauga. It is a large scale urban renewal project, in which the aim is to create a mixed land use community, for residential and commercial developments. Traffic management is also a large objective of the project.

According to the project scope, the area of the project spans over 1.32 km² (132 ha), covering the southern portions of the existing Watersauga Business Park and the Trillium District. A part of the urban renewal project, especially when dealing with traffic engineering, also covers northern parts of the St. Denis community.

The project will span over 3 years of time. It began constructions in 2013, with much of the occupancy anticipated by 2016.


The St. Denis New Town project started in 2007, which involved in expanding the then-hamlet of St. Denis with medium to high density residential developments, creating a bedroom community in relation to the rest of the city. With the increased population in the area, the traffic volume has multiplied a few folds in the existing network of roads. This had create significant traffic woes to the locale. Chronic delays are estimated to cause over $10 million in economic loss every year.

The existing Trillium District and Watersauga Business Park have begun to see decreases in industrial activities beginning from the 2000s, as most industries are moving north and sprawling into Commercium Bay and Rexdale. The vacant buildings are seen as wasted land in a crowded city like Old Watersauga.

In 2009, the city council planned to introduce an urban renewal scheme, namely the St. Denis (North) Urban Redevelopment Scheme (Traditional Chinese: 聖丹尼(北)市區重建計劃), which involves in demolishing the northern portions of the new town and parts of the abandoned industrial park. The scheme's scope encompasses 56 ha (0.56 km²). The emptied-out space is planned to better the existing transportation infrastructure to accommodate the large population in the area.

The scheme received mostly positive reviews from locals and from the council. After further discussions, the scheme was refined into the redevelopment project today.

Project DetailsEdit

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