Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago

The Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago as seen from satellite. The City of Old Watersauga is seen on the mainland.

The Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago (Traditional Chinese: 曾母暗沙群島) is an archipelago, or a group of islands, located just off the shore the City of Old Watersauga. The archipelago consists of 11 populated islands, along with a few other uninhabited islands and shoals, spreading over in 4 different municipalities within the City of Watersauga. The archipelago was formed as a result of the delta of the Dawson River flowing into the Watersauga Harbour and the Pacific Ocean.

The nearby Tung Lung Islands are sometimes considered as part of the archipelago.

List of islandsEdit

Listing the islands from north to south.

Municipality Island Name (English) Island Name (Chinese) Est. Population Area (km²)
Land Link Petite Ile
Petit Island / Kap Shui Mun Island
急水門島 30 0.2
Grande Ile
Grand Island / Shek Mun Island
石門島 800 1.1
Breakwater Breakwater Island 避風塘島 300 1.8
Old Watersauga Tseung Kwan Island
General's Island
將軍島 0 0.7
Stanley Island 赤柱島 200 (prisoners) 0.35
British Island
Ying Suk Island
英屬島嶼 2,000 0.9
Falkland Island 福克蘭島 500 0.15
Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Spratly Island 史白利島 10 0.1
Boon Island
Japan Island
本島 0 0.4
Yan Oi Shoal 仁愛暗礁 0 0.05
Po Wan Island 寶運島 100 0.55
Chung Yip Island 中業島 40 0.1
Wong Ngam Island 黃岩島 0 0.05
King Wang Island 景宏島 350 (military personnel) 0.3
Tai Ping Island 太平島 550 0.75
Sai Sha Shoal 西沙暗礁 0 Negligible
Tung Sha Shoal 東沙暗礁 0 Negligible
Wing Hing Island 永興島 0 0.1
Total 18 Named Islands / Shoals Population Density
642.1 / km²
4,880 7.6
Tsang-Mo-Um-Sha Archipelago
Listing the islands from north to south

Petite IleGrande IleBreakwater IslandTseung Kwan IslandStanley IslandBritish IslandFalkland IslandSpratly IslandBoon Island
Yan Oi ShoalPo Wan IslandChung Yip IslandWong Ngam IslandKing Wang IslandTai Ping IslandSai Sha ShoalTung Sha ShoalWing Hing Island

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