Valley Access
Valley Access
Route d'accès de la Vallée

(A part of Highway 40)
Maintained by Transport Gravenhurst
Autonomous Country: Gravenhurst
Major cities: Caithness - Caledonia

Valley Access (French: Route d'accès de la Vallée) is an Escarpment Access Road (EAR) in the City of Caledonia. The road is part of Highway 40. It is one of the five main access roads to Caledonia Town Centre.


The road was formerly municipally funded. On April 2, 2010, the regional government decided to re-take the ownership of the road, signing this road as part of Highway 40.


The road is known for its steepness and its extreme curvature descending into the city centre. It has been voted as the "most dangerous road" for its steepness and its switchbacks by motorists across the region in Winter 2008. As a result, the regional government is planning to create a by-pass to the route. The road is usually forced to be closed once or twice a year due to severe winter weather causing impossible travel through the route. The route is also closed to heavy vehicles during winter. These vehicles are encouraged to use the northern access road to access the city.

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