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Victoria Town is a major community in the City of Mapleview. The community is located in the southern end of the city, about 20 km south of the city's Downtown. Due to the fact that the community is in the southern end of the city, the community is also referred to as South Town Mapleview.

Though there is no official boundaries for the community, most people infers that the community is bounded by Highway 100 to the west, Wayside Avenue to the north, Highway 505 to the south, and Highway 11 to the east.

Formerly a separate municipality from Mapleview, the municipality merged with Mapleview in 1976. Prior to the merger, the municipality had a population of 2,246. The current estimated population is about 5,000.


The community is served by a major traffic complex, namely Mapleview GO Station (also known to Victoria Town Traffic Complex). The complex serves GO Transit, Mapleview Rapid Transit Line, and Mapleview Transit routes. The community is also served by major arterial highways, such as Highway 100 and Highway 11 (Nicholas M. Tam Freeway).

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