Walton (Traditional Chinese: 窩頓) is a former town, and now a borough in the City of Royal Plains, in the Free State of Torbury.

The town was established as a logging town in the 1850s, with loggers settling in the area, and logging the nearby forest. As forests were cleared, this gave way for urban developments, and the logged wood would be exported worldwide, as well as used for local construction purposes.

Prior to 2009, it had existed as a town and a suburb bedroom community to the City of Royal Plains. In 2009, under the Municipality Reorganization Act of Torbury, Walton merged with four towns, to form a single city of Royal Plains. Prior to the merger, there were 2,500 residing in the town.

When it was a town, Walton is bordered north by Crescent Road, east by Boundary Ridges Avenue, south by Northfield Drive, west by Algonquin Drive. Today, as a borough, the former town's limits still is the legal of the borough's limits.

The town has grown rapidly in the recent years after the merger, especially with numerous high rises and commercial offices springing up in the borough's centre, forming a distinct central business district (CBD) for the borough. High rise residential developments are on a rise as growing pressures are increasing in the City of Royal Plains. The borough's proximity to the City of Torbury also allows it to develop at a much more rapid pace than the other five boroughs.


Boroughs of the City of Royal Plains, Free State of Torbury
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