Western Corridor (Traditional Chinese: 西部通道), the development area formally as Western Corridor Development District (Traditional Chinese: 西部通道發展區域) is a developing area straddling between the western end of the City of Old Watersauga and parts of the Town of Angus Glen in the City-State of Watersauga. The Western Corridor is named after a new expressway built between Main Street Angus Glen and Queen Elizabeth Way to relieve chronic congestions on both Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) and Queen Elizabeth Way By-Pass.

First proposed in 2008, Western Corridor is planned to a mixed land use community, featuring over 1,000 commercial jobs and housing over 20,000 in the next 5 years as the community develops and finishes. The majority of the community is located in the City of Old Watersauga, and had involved in the removal of the western portions of the Watersauga Harbour Greenbelt and filling in parts of the Humber Bay. Several multi-million dollar homes, as well as a 16-story condominium, were also acquired for development purposes. A shopping district, tentatively named Umandap, is proposed to be a critical part of the development area.

A future subway rapid transit line is proposed to serve the area.

Project StatusEdit

As of September 2014, much of the Western Corridor has been finished development. The area currently became an important commercial hub of the city, while a few waterfront housing developments have been completed in the eastern side of the area.

In the future, it is proposed for more parts of the Humber Bay to be reclaimed to give way to more commercial developments. However, this is subject to further Environmental Assessment.

Project ComponentsEdit

  • Umandap, the biggest district in the Western Corridor, consists of a mix of commercial developments and residential developments.
  • Waterfront Meridians, a primary residential development district in the eastern half of the district

Similar DevelopmentsEdit

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