Winter 2009 Census

Estimation Day

October 10, 2009

Census Day

November 11, 2009

Results Released

December 31, 2009


1,009,092 (+10.88%)

Preceded by

Summer 2009 Census

Succeeded by

Spring 2010 Census

The Winter 2009 Census was an enumeration of the population of residents in the Regional Municipality of Gravenhurst. Census day was November 11, 2009. The estimation date (the date when the results of the estimates of the population in each municipality is released) was on October 10, 2009. The next census will be held in April 2010, with the estimation date in mid-March 2010. The population enumerated in the Winter 2009 Census was 1,009,092. This is the first time the population in the region exceeded over 1 million in recorded history. The last census reported the region has a population of 910,095, and when compared to this census, the population has been risen by close to 100,000, by 10.88%. Although the population had still grown rapidly, the trend of the population growth had been slowing down between the last two censuses. The census department believes that the drop in population growth was due to the decrease in house building permits.

The Census Department also draws the focus of this census to the extremely rapid growth of the City of Lisi. The city doubled its population in the past year. The department urges the planning staff and the government to notice this trend for future planning purposes.

The last census was the Summer 2009 Census; the next census will be the Spring 2010 Census.


In the Summer 2009 census, there were 41 municipalities (same as the previous census), with the largest still being Archemedes, with a population of 422,688. The next largest is Vandehogan, with a population of 109,792. The smallest being Muskoka Lake, with a population of 9.

In the census, there were 5 types of municipalities: City, Town, Township, Village, and Police Village.

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